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Both Peter van Kets and Jacques Marais are Children in the Wilderness ambassadors, and their aim is to raise maximum awareness and funds for a charity fully focussed on sustainable solutions for conservation of wilderness areas.   Children in the Wilderness is an environmental and life skills education programme operating in seven African countries hosted in local rural village schools where we reach over 3000 children in our Eco-Clubs each week.

The BEYOND BICORNIS EXPEDITION will traverse the north-western region of Namibia and funds raised will support the Warmquelle Primary School where CITW hosts Eco-Clubs and Eco-Mentor training.

This remote school was established in 1981 and houses over 600 children and teachers from five distant villages.  400 of these children are accommodated in the school hostels.

Here is an indication of how donated funds are used:
R600 (+-US$40) sponsors a primary school child in an Eco-Club for a year
R3400 (+-US$227) sponsors a local teacher for Eco-Mentor Training

We welcome Donations of any amount which will be used, at the discretion of Children in the Wilderness Namibia,  for items like new mattresses for the children housed in the school hostel accommodation ($2000), fencing for the school and hostel grounds ($5000), renovation of Boys Hostel ($6000), showers and toilets for the hostels ($5000)

Donations via this site are in South African Rands (ZAR) and the US$ amount is an approximate rate of the equivalent ZAR amount – rates of exchange fluctuate on a daily basis.


Insight, care and commitment are required to conserve Africa’s pristine wilderness and wildlife areas. If we are to ensure that these places continue to exist – in this generation and those to come – we need the rural children of Africa to understand the importance of conservation and its relevance in their lives. Hence, our Children in the Wilderness programme: an environmental and life skills educational programme for children, focusing on the next generation of decision-makers; inspiring them to care for their natural heritage and to become the custodians of these areas in the future.

Children in the Wilderness currently operates in seven Southern African countries – Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Our programmes in the regions and schools are built on a foundation of Eco-Mentor Training which equips local teachers and develops local Eco-Mentors to run our programmes and by upgrading skills, increasing environmental understanding and enabling them to better implement school and village environmental projects and initiatives.

The primary school Eco-Clubs take place all year long at rural schools, follow structured lesson plans and give all learners who are interested in the environment a chance to meet, learn, discuss and expand their knowledge of environmental issues. The benefits of Eco-Clubs include improved ways of spreading the CITW conservation message; more children, as well as teachers, are empowered in remote, rural villages; identifying and strengthening future leaders in the communities; assisting the schools in operating and managing the environmental projects in the schools; and providing tools for the children to learn, grow and develop.

The Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) Programme focuses on high school children who show commitment, leadership potential and a particular interest in conservation. The curriculum in the programme is an extension of concepts introduced in Eco-Clubs and at camps, with a greater focus on career guidance, leadership, team building, communication and further environmental education.

Children from our Eco-Clubs and YES Clubs are selected to participate in our annual camps held at Wilderness Safaris and partner lodges where they get to experience ‘being a tourist”.

The Children in the Wilderness programme also assists with primary school, high school and tertiary education scholarships for some of the children.